Have you decided to take a beach holiday, but aren’t sure about the destination. Then think once to visit Tarkarli- Malvan.  If you’re looking for the perfect blend of colonial, rich in history, delicious cuisine and extraordinary culture, then don’t search for further — Tarkarli in Malvan is your dream destination. Whether you’re looking to submerge yourself in deep sea life or unwind on beautiful beaches in Konkan, Tarkarli offers something different.

Malvan has a unique culture attracting almost million of visitors every year. While many come as tourists for getting thrilling experience of Scuba diving in Malvan and water sports in Tarkarli, Devbag.

The coastal areas were under colonial rule longer than inland areas, it’s here where you’ll find greater Hindu Gabit community and Christian population. Interior areas are home to the majority of Hindu Brahmin, Maratha and Bhandari communities. Beach side areas are  protected under coastal regulation zone (CRZ). So Most of the people renovated theirs houses in to bed and breakfast schemes.

As the Southernmost coast, Konkan is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and trips to the shore are much more than crystal clear waters and glowing bright silver sands. Once there you’ll be met with mouthwatering Malvani Seafood; the best dishes found in simple mess and local markets.

If you’re looking for a clean, calm and serene atmosphere, you might want to stick with Tarkarli beach and chivala beach.

While some airlines fly directly to Goa’s Dabolim airport in Vasco Da Gama, you’re better off finding a cheaper international flight via Mumbai. Once you arrive at Dabolim, look for prepaid taxis from Tarkarli, Malvan.

If you’re travelling domestically, there are State transport buses, private buses and Konkan rail options available out of most major cities. Travelling by train is a popular way of getting to Sindhudurg district. The departure stations are Kankavali (60Km), Sindhudurg(30Km), Kudal (32Km).

Be sure to make reservations well in advance since many major trains are often heavily booked.

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